Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Adoption

This coming Saturday, Jonny and I are heading to an adoption conference at our church. Not because we have concrete plans to adopt right now, but because we want to go and hear the information, get some ideas, and dream a little.

Why adoption?

There are between 43 and 52 million orphans in the world, depending on who's doing the counting. Either way, that's a lot. But I heard a statistic once that if only 7% (!) of people professing to be Christians in the world (which works out to about 25% of people active in the church) adopted ONE child, there would be no more orphans. Just Christians, and just one child - neither of those are even actual prerequisites.

For  real?!

I remember hearing that a couple of years ago and thinking, "That's it?! Well heck, sign me up. I can do that." Having my own child now has only solidified that for me. I absolutely love being a mommy. If being a mommy to another child is what it takes to fix a world crisis, then that's easy. Who else wants to help solve a world crisis?

In the mean time, remember to keep checking in with Drew and Rachel. They're a couple steps ahead of us on the journey, and I love their hearts. Uplift them, and leave an encouraging comment on their blog if you have a minute.


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