Friday, September 09, 2011

What's For Dinner

I've been scrounging through leftovers and on-hand meals for a couple weeks now (yes, a couple of weeks - I can be pretty resourceful when it comes down to it), so I've managed to use up almost everything useful in our house, as well as avoid big grocery shopping trips.

But yesterday I had to break down and actually do some planning. I spent more than I usually like to for a week's worth of groceries, but I'm sure it will last us more than a week (knowing what we've got coming up), I had to stock up on several things, and I bought enough to make dinner for someone else one night. I'm trying to talk myself into not feeling guilty...

So what's on the menu this week?

Italian Chili Soup
What I had: dittolini pasta
What I bought: ground beef, ground pork, beef stock, crushed tomatoes, black beans, navy beans, spaghetti sauce, carrots, celery, and onion
Other mentionables: The way the meat ratios work, I actually got enough meat for two pots of this. I'll freeze half and save it for next time. I also freeze about half the soup I make, and Jon takes it for lunch or I heat some up on nights when Jon is out late. Pretty much an all-around great thing to have on hand.

Chicken Pot Pie
What I had: chicken stock
What I bought: chicken breast, frozen veggies, half & half, pie crusts
Other mentionables: This is my go-to "make a meal for someone" dinner. In fact, I got enough to make one for someone else this week. This is also something that will last us more than one meal (usually three or four), so a little goes a long way.

What I had: seasoning, sour cream
What I bought: ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tortillas
Other mentionables: I've been know to use leftover taco meat to create other things, like Taco Mac'n'Cheese. We'll see what happens this week. Sometimes I also just like leftover tacos. :-)

Pulled Pork
What I had: sandwich buns, bbq sauce
What I bought: pork loin
Other mentionables: This is going to be dinner for Jon's guys small group this weekend. It goes in the crock pot. Super easy. Super yummy. When we make it for ourselves, a half pork loin will last us about a week in lunches. I don't expect there to be leftovers this Sunday, however.

What I had: mustard
What I bought: brats, buns, onions, peppers
Other mentionables: I went to the "meal ideas" master list for this one. It sounded easy and yummy!

Chicken Salad Wraps
What I had: nada
What I bought: nada
Other mentionables: This one is a freebie - I'll make these entirely out of leftovers and extras from other meals this week! I love freebies!

I also stocked up on some staples and had a few good coupons, so there will probably be some other things to come to mind throughout the week(s) to come. That's what's cooking at the Addington house - happy meal planning!


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