Sunday, September 11, 2011

What was I thinking?

I had a revelation this weekend.

Jon and I don't buy napkins, because it seems silly. We've always just used paper towels. But that means that we run through paper towels pretty quickly. As we ran out yet again this weekend, I was frustrated at the prospect of going to buy more. I even thought, "I might as well just buy napkins for all the money we're spending on paper towels. "

And then it hit me. I use and wash cloth diapers (diapers!) so that I don't have to perpetually spend money on things that will get thrown away after one use. Diapers!

WHY ON EARTH would I not use cloth napkins?! I even have a bunch - my first search produced 14 of them, and I know there are more somewhere around here. Surely napkins are significantly easier to maintain than diapers. For real.

What was I thinking?

So, now, if you come to our house you will be offered a cloth napkin. Not because we're breaking out the good stuff for you, but because I've finally come to my senses.


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