Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I really love our cloth diapers. They've been a great decision for our family. If you remember, I started using them as a financial solution for our family but have fallen in love with them along the way.

But since they were a financial decision, I generally avoid sinking any more money into them than I have to. Therefore, I've been using our regular detergent to wash them, just less of it (per the manufacturer's instructions). But after some recent reading and thinking, I decided to break down and order some of the manufacturer's cloth diaper detergent. From all I've read, it should help my diapers last a while longer in better condition. Besides, it's $12 a box for 66 loads. One new diaper costs $19, so it would take a while to make up the difference anyway. If it extends the life of my diapers, it's definitely made up the cost of keeping one more detergent on my laundry room shelf.

I ordered it from I checked with our local cloth diaper store first, but they don't carry it at this point in time (I did ask her to let me know if she order any in the future so that I can support the local spot). I'm also usually a big fan, but the retailer selling it there had it marked up and then was charging shipping on top of the markup. So in this case, it was cheaper to order it elsewhere. The only downside was that it was supposed to be delivered Saturday, but shipped late and didn't arrive until Tuesday.

So I've only washed one load with it so far. But so far, so great! That one load removed more stains than a load with "1/4 the normal amount" of our regular detergent has been able to (at least in our new - to us - washer). My diapers are nice and white and smell fresh. I'll have to keep you posted with further results, but at this point I think it's going to be quite worth the investment. If you're getting ready to start cloth diapering, I would say to start right from the beginning and go with this stuff. Not necessary, but still worth it.

Stay tuned for more results. :-)


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