Friday, September 09, 2011

Sharing Adventures

I want to take this afternoon to share a story with you.

Jonny's cousins Drew and Rachel and their sons Titus and Michael are living and going to school in Changsha, China. They are embarking on a new adventure this year as they leave the sending organization they have been with for two years and are living independently while Drew attends grad school and they continue to share the Good News with the people around them.

This week they have shared that they will to be fostering a young orphaned Chinese boy in their home. I am so in love with Rachel's heart for children and adoption and her willingness to do whatever she feels led to.

Take a minute to check out their blog, read Rachel's heart, and uplift them this week and in the future.


wow thanks for this Katie! really appreciate the love.

as for meals on hand, I end up recycling leftovers into fried rice pretty often.

jon's going to hk? I guess he needs a visa and a spare day, but welcome to changsha via bullet train any time.

oh, shoot, that was trip to hk '10... years confuse me.

Rach! Yeah, Jon was there last year. We're coming to Hong Kong in March though! We're trying to figure out if we can make it up to see you. I would love to see all our little munchkins together! It's more work Jon would miss, but we'll keep you posted.

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