Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Meals on Hand

As I've been meal planning, I've discovered that there are some things I just usually have on hand. That means that, on any given day, I usually have something up my sleeve that wasn't on my meal plan.

Here are some meals that have come out of leftovers or just staples in our house:

Milk + Butter + Parmesan + Pasta + Chicken = Pasta Alfredo with Chicken. Sometimes I have a veggie to throw in, too.

Pasta + Velveeta + Milk + Diced Tomatoes and Peppers = Spicy Mac'n'Cheese. I've also been known to mix up taco seasoning and ground beef instead of the tomatoes and peppers to make Taco Mac'n'Cheese.

Sandwich Thins + Beef + Cheese = Cheeseburgers! (One of Jon's personal favorites.)

Sandwich Thins + Deli Meat + Cheese + Condensed Soup = Grilled Sammies and Tomato Soup (One of my personal favorites!)

Tortillas + Cheese + Anyoftheabovemeats = Quesadillas.

Eggs + Cheese + Deli Meat + Sandwich Thins = Egg Sandwiches (a la Egg McMuffins)

Potatoes + Onion + Carrots + Chicken = Crockpot Chicken and Veggies

Various Leftovers and Odds'n'Ends + Stock = Soup

Again, these are just things I usually have on hand, not that I necessarily plan them into my menu. I know a lot of you are thinking, "But there aren't any veggies in there!" Fear not, I usually have baby carrots or canned green beans on hand to add on the side.

What are some of the staples you routinely whip up?


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