Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Things

Our dryer appears to work with a full load of clothes in it. I dried a load last night and couldn't find any further issues. I'll still keep an eye out, but so far so good! Jonny was pretty proud of the fact that he replaced the cord with a longer one and attached the vent hose. I told him he should be. I'm sure I didn't even know that you could replace a dryer power cord yourself. 

I'm also really enjoying my bumGenius diaper detergent. It does a really nice job. I even recommended it to a friend recently who just started cloth diapering her newborn son. I've just been really impressed so far. 

Looking at those two paragraphs, it's amazing how much of my world revolves around laundry any more. 

I made spring rolls and fried rice for Jonny's small group on Sunday night. Like, not the stick-in-the-oven kind, but the stir-fry-your-own-filling-and-wrap-it-up-by-hand-and-fry-it kind. This is apparently really impressive to 
the average person. I'll admit that it's a little time consuming, but it's not difficult. Several people have been pretty flabbergasted (such a good word) in the last couple days that I "actually made your own spring rolls?!" Someone even asked me for the recipe. I don't have one. I just make them however sounds good at the time. I thought it was much more impressive that Jonny brought home a newspaper from the Asian grocery store and could point out the characters for post office in the main headline. 

Our new small group kicked off tonight. I'm mostly excited. I've gotten really good in the six years since college (and really the three years through college, too) at getting to know middle school students and getting to know their parents. The downside is that I have a harder time getting to know my peers. I think it's going to be good to get to know and grow with some other young couples. 

Well, that's just things around here. 


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