Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Five Months

Monday, Labor Day, marked the start of yet another month for Gavrel! It was a cool, rainy day here in Knoxville and mommy was feeling kinda yucky too. So, we spent the day in sweats! But they were really cute sweats (or, at least Gavrel's were).

I switched chairs this month, hoping the light would be better in this location. I was right - it was much better.
He's been really into his tongue lately.

We had to take a picture with the hood!
I can't get enough of those big blue eyes!

Accomplishments this past month:
  • Rolling back to front. He's officially rolling both ways now (the What to Expect book says he should only be rolling one direction, but he's definitely doing both).
  • Sucking his thumb regularly. Yep, he's become a thumb sucker. I know it's harder to break, etc., etc., but he did it on his own and it's just SO stinkin' cute. I'll deal with it when I get there.
  • Pushing up. He can get all the way up on his hands with straight arms, and all the way up on his knees - just not both at the same time. He can scoot around some though. I'm making the prediction that he will crawl before he finishes the next month.
  • Grabbing/playing with toys. We've started leaving a few toys in his crib with him, and he will play with them for a while when he wakes up before he cries for us to come get him. He also loves playing with toys on the floor and in his high chair.
  • Teething. He hasn't actually cut any yet, but we can see them across the front of his gums, and he's chewing on everything and drooling like crazy. Despite not actually sucking on the nuk any more, I've been giving it to him once in a while just because he likes to chew on it!
  • Sizing up. Monkey man made the leap into 9month size clothing this past month. We went garage sale-ing one day and several people guessed that he was 6-7 months old. They were pretty shocked when I said he was only 4 months. And he's still nursing exclusively, too!
  • Sitting up. Kinda. He will sit with his arms propped on the floor in front of him (something else What to Expect says he probably shouldn't be able to do), and stay there as long as he keeps his arms still. As soon as he tries to do anything with his hands, though, he topples over.
We have a pep talk about once a week or so about how he's big enough now, and he can just stop now and be my baby for a long time. It doesn't seem to be working very well, though. I'm always torn - I love seeing all the new things he does and discovers, but I just want him to stay little.

Guess I'll just have to get another little one sooner or later. :-)


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