Friday, September 09, 2011

Calling All Readers!

You can't hide. I know you're out there. I've been watching the stats and I know there are around 100 or more of you that check in with us every day!

So now that I know you're there, I need your help.

Several of you have contacted me through facebook or in person to say that you've been enjoying my musings. Some of you have even said that you are also in the midst of mommy-ing or that you are getting ready to welcome your own little ones and have been inspired by what I share.

First of all, THANK YOU! I'm so glad to be helpful. That's really my goal here, or at least the primary one.

SO, I need your feedback. What would you like to see on Musings? What are you curious about? What would be helpful? How can I encourage you? No question is out of bounds! Please leave a comment or email me at katie(dot)a(dot)addington(at)gmail(dot)com. I want to hear what you want to hear.

Happy Mommy-ing!


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