Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reflecting on Miracles

I don't know that I have the words to do justice to everything I'm thinking right now, but I will try my best.

Last night I was at the hospital until 2:30 AM with sweet Friend of mine whose older college-age Sister was having a baby. I don't know Sister very well, but Friend and her Mom are very dear to me and I've loved walking with them the past few years. I'm also honored to be baptizing Friend next weekend - a pretty awesome privilege.

Sister went in for induction late Monday night and had started pitocin early yesterday morning. Still, it was slow going, and by the time I put Gavrel down for bed at 8:00, Sister was still only at 5-6 cm. Friend had been keeping me posted, and I suddenly felt drawn to go to the hospital. I had no intention of seeing Sister, but if I could help Friend pass the time and bless Mom at all, I wanted to do that. So at 8:40 I packed up and headed downtown.

The group of family gathered was tense with anticipation and the weariness that a long day in a hospital waiting room brings (which I know all too well). So I talked with Friend, showed her pictures online, and sat on the floor with her so she could sleep for a while with her head in my lap. Progress continued to be slow, and we settled in for the long haul.

Suddenly Mom came in to tell us that Sister was being rushed in for a c-section. We saw nurses sprinting down the hall, and there were suddenly lots of tears and worries. "This just isn't how she wanted it to go," Mom cried. "I feel awful that she's gone through all that labor, only to have it fall apart now." I immediately pulled up my Bible on my phone and started looking up verses and reading them over Friend. I should have prayed with the family, but I chickened out. I was definitely praying silently. I rubbed Friend's feet to keep her warm and ward off the shakes that were setting in as she got nervous.

In just a few minutes, BabyDaddy came in to tell us that Baby Boy was healthy and doing ok, born at 9 lbs, 9 oz. I learned later that Baby Boy's heart rate had dropped dangerously low during a contraction, and oxygen and shifting positions hadn't helped. In an emergency decision, they rushed her into surgery. As Baby Boy emerged, his cord was wrapped around his neck three times. That emergency decision saved Baby Boy's life.

I smiled and watched as the family took turns going back to see their new miracle. They cried happy tears and I thanked Jesus for his plans and not ours. Once things had calmed down, I headed home. I'll visit Sister and Baby Boy sometime and try to be sensitive to how to bless them, but last night my role was to sit in the waiting room and rub feet.

As I wandered through the large medical campus back to my car, I cried my own tears - tears of thanks. I have marveled so many times in the last year at the incredible miracle that is my little Monkey Man and everything about his life. We weren't planning to have kids yet, but I had about the most perfect pregnancy one could ask for and he decided to come on his own - a few days early. Despite a very long labor, my delivery went without complications too. I delivered almost exactly according to my birth plan, without the epidural! Gav was healthy, achieved the elusive perfect APGAR score, and nursed immediately. He's been nursing perfectly ever since. He is happy, healthy, beautiful and growing like a weed.

Last night I praised God for another's miracle, and I worshiped Him for mine. I am no better or different than any other women out there that my pregnancy and childbirth experience was so perfect, but I was reminded last night how blessed we have truly been. And today I am thankful for it all.

Congratulations, Conrads, on your beautiful miracle! I am honored to have had even a very small part in it.


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