Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Right After This Message from our Sponsors

Ok, so I don't really have sponsors for my blog (any takers?), but that's usually how tv personalities break from their "regularly scheduled programming" for a commercial break and I have a non-Gavrel post for now. :-)

My poor Benni has hair problems.

Cairn Terriers are supposed to get wiry hair, and then they have a skin oil that keeps that wiry hair healthy, shiny, and free of stuff. For whatever reason - well, probably because he's a puppy mill dog and not exactly show quality - Benni never got his wires. He still has soft, fine puppy fuzz. That's not necessarily a problem, except that he also has the oil for the wires. This causes him to get greasy, easily matted, and attract all kinds of debris until he's just pretty nasty in general. Pair that with really sensitive skin, and the poor guy is always itching and breaking out. I've tried researching how I can help him, but the answer is pretty much nothing that I'm not already doing.

In the midst of me having a baby and being a little busy, he'd gotten pretty nasty. So Sunday, Pam and I finally decided to shave him and relieve some of his misery. It's also starting to get pretty hot and muggy in East Tennessee, so I figured he would feel cooler anyway. Unfortunately, it started to rain part way through our endeavor and we had to stop short of finishing. We managed to shave his whole body, but didn't get to trimming his head or face.

Which pretty much leaves me with the most ridiculous-looking dog ever:

Jon says he looks like a bobble-head. He kind of does, since he's awfully skinny under all that fur.

Nellie just looks on, glad she doesn't have to go through this process.

Don't worry, we are going to trim his face this week - he won't look ridiculous forever (even if Jon was highly amused and wanted to leave him that way).


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