Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Winter Wake-Up Call

Since the last time I shared Minnesota weather news and poked fun at Knoxville was so popular, I thought I would offer another glimpse into the north/south difference.

This email also came from HR at my organization's national office this morning:
Following are several news clips from recent months.
Pick your favorite.

The largest snowfall on record for December in the Twin Cities is the December 10-11, 2010 storm with 17.1 inches

An Historic December. If you love snow you're probably out of your mind right about now - we're close to 34" for the month of December, breaking the old record of 33.2" set in 1969. By the way, normal December snowfall in the Twin Cities is close to 10"

The 13.8" of snow on February 20-21 in Minneapolis was the largest amount for a single storm in February. It was also the first time more than a foot of snow fell in a single February storm. Some nearby locations reported amounts up to 20".

March 22, 11 PM CDT Update: The total storm snowfall of 4" to 7" expected through Wednesday would bring the season's total to 84"-87". This could raise the current season to as high as 4th snowiest in Minneapolis history. A minimum of 1.2" would be necessary to reach 6th place, 4.0" to reach 5th place, and 4.8" to reach 4th place. (The current total to date is 80.2".)


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