Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Moment to Brag

I just need to take this opportunity to publicly brag on my husband for a minute. If you think this is corny or it bothers you, feel free to just walk away now. I'm going to do it anyway!

Last night I was sick of the pain and spasms I'm been having in my upper back all day, so I decided to seek out a friend with a bathtub I could borrow for a while. My buddy Sheppard graciously agreed to let me camp out in her tub for a while, and so I headed over. When I got out of the tub, I started talking to her for a bit. Well, "for a bit" is putting it lightly. At about ten minutes to midnight, I suddenly realized that Jon and I had planned to bathe the dogs last night - and I had totally forgotten (it generally requires some tag-team effort). I felt really bad, but figured one more dirty day wouldn't kill the pups.

So, I said goodbye and headed home. When I came in the door, the puppies came over to greet me and I realized that they were clean! Jonny had bathed them all by himself while I was gone as a surprise! I know that this isn't a job he particularly enjoys (Benni especially has some pretty funky skin things that can make him pretty gross and greasy between baths), but I SO love that he would do it for me. He's incredibly good to and patient with my dogs.

Other things that I love and appreciate about Jonny:
  • He encourages me to sleep in, take naps, eat frequently, and generally take it pretty easy. It's a huge blessing to not feel guilty for being a pregnant slug!
  • He fully supports all my mothering ideals: staying home, nursing, cloth diapering, etc. He's even been working to put away enough money for me to completely walk away from work for a while when baby comes.
  • He helps me do dishes! When there's no dishwasher in the house, this process goes much more quickly when someone is drying and putting away and I don't have to pause between loads to clear the drain rack back out. He also picks up the house and sweeps the house every week before his small group comes over so that I can work during the day and concentrate on cooking in the evening.
  • He works really hard and he has really excelled at his computer work. He does his very best work, for a fair price, and never tries to get anyone to do or buy more than they have to. He's earned a lot of trust, and I'm exceptionally proud of him.
  • He is a total servant. He is always willing to stop and get things for me when he's out, and he's even been known to drop everything and run out for something that I need right away.
  • He listens well. He will pretty much always let me vent or cry out or retell whatever I need to - without trying to solve it. Especially now that I'm working at home and don't get to talk to other people during the day as much as I used to, he'll let me spill my guts and the end of the day without complaining, even when he's had a long day.

This isn't an exhaustive list, by any means, but these are things I've been reminded of in just the last few days. I'm so thankful for a man that I can whole-heartedly respect and follow. It makes life so much more fun! And he's pretty stinkin cute, too! :-)

A sweet friend asked me recently what I was most looking forward to about giving birth. One of those things is seeing Jonny's reaction. I have a feeling that it won't be something a stranger could recognize (he comes across pretty consistently serious and composed if you don't know him well), but it will be precious to me. The nurses may be whispering to themselves out in the hallway that they don't know what's wrong with this dad, but I can't wait to see what goes on behind those beautiful eyes when he meets his baby for the first time!


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