Sunday, February 13, 2011

I had a vision...

...of Jon's child's future last night!

We ended up doing some babysitting for a small class meeting at a local Christian school, since their normal childcare provider was out of town. The group of kids consisted of four little girls, ages 3-8, and a one-year-old little boy. This little guy wasn't too sure about mom leaving him, and was a little leery of us all night.

That is, until Jon pulled out his cell phone to check something. His older sister was quick to tell us, "Uh oh! Watch out - ___________ loves electronics!" Sure enough, as soon as Jon handed over the phone, the little man was entertained for the next 30+ minutes. He pretended to be talking, pressed lots of buttons, and managed to take several pictures along the way.

I told Jon that this would be his child in a year - only Jon's child will probably have a smartphone, a laptop, and an iPad in his/her gadget arsenal. It was fun to watch Jon connect with a little one like that though - they were speaking the same language!

So here is a little gallery of the dude's photography skills:
Ending with a self-portrait!


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