Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I'm still working on putting all my little ducks in a row (some literally, if you were at my shower this past weekend and saw all the little ducky things I brought home!) before baby comes home. So if you're wondering what we've been up to, here are a few updates at 31.4 weeks:

Like I mentioned, our church family threw a shower for me this past weekend. They totally blessed us with so many essentials, and it was a lot of fun to have a lot of friends in one place at one time. I'll put up some pictures later.

We met today with our pediatrician, and she's a doll! Our doctor, who is also a good friend, recommended us to this pediatrician and we were very impressed today. We also found out that she also makes rounds at a clinic 15 minutes closer to us - bonus!

We put together our new dresser this past weekend (pictures also coming soon). And by "we" I really mean Jonny and his mom put together our dresser this weekend. I lined it with baby wrapping paper and have started putting little baby things in it! It's definitely a happy thing for mom. :-)

We're also starting to gradually whittle down name lists. We still haven't decided yet, but there is an end in sight. We'll be excited to introduce our little Monkey to you when he or she gets here.

We had a doctor's visit last week, and we have another one next week. Everything's going beautifully! In fact, our visits are relatively short because everything about my pregnancy has been so smooth and perfect that there's not much to check on at this point. We'll have another ultrasound the first week of March to check size and position. Hopefully we'll actually get a picture worth putting up this time!

So, that's life around the Addington house right now. We're getting excited to meet our little person, and we appreciate everyone's support!


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