Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Shopping

Today I sat down and wrote thank you notes for all my shower gifts, then spent some time sorting through the gift list and pulling gift cards out of envelopes. To say it in so many words sounds kind of selfish, but I was really just trying to take stock of what we have and what essentials we might still need before Monkey's arrival.

Since our Amazon registry had remained completely untouched, but we did get multiple Amazon gift cards, I decided to do some essentials shopping. So for all of you who contributed, thank you tons! Here's a look at what your generous gifts will provide for our little Monkey:
Amy Michelle Sweet Pea- Patent (This is "my" diaper bag. It looks like a big version of my purse. "Jon's" diaper bag is a black messenger bag - thanks Steph - that looks like a computer bag. Now we each have a diaper bag that fits our personalities!)

A water-proof pail liner will hold our cloth diapers between laundry loads!

Planet Wise Diaper Wet Bag A wet bag (water-proof also) for each of our diaper bags will hold messy diapers on the go.

And an extra cover for our bassinet mattress will give us back-up for blow-outs, spit-ups, and other messes.

Thank you again to all of you who made it possible! It will be like an extension of the shower as boxes arrive at our house. :-)


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