Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Welcome to Womanhood"

Yesterday I broke down and had to face one of my lesser (but still creepy) fears - pedicures. I know all you women out there are gasping in disbelief - go ahead and take a moment to compose yourselves.

It's true. I had never had a pedicure before yesterday. They just creep me out. I'm picky about my feet. My toenails grow strangely, I've worked hard to build up my calluses (they're my best dance shoes), and I'm ticklish. I don't particularly enjoy most massages, either - I think I'm just a little too aware of my own muscles - so all these things add up to making pedicures not such a particularly appealing experience.

But I'm to the point in pregnancy where I can no longer reach my own toenails to take care of them, and they were bad. I decided I couldn't just let them grow for two more months, and I had a gift certificate that expires about the time baby comes. So I recruited some moral support (my friend Stephanie, who gets pedicures regularly at the place where I had the gift card) and made an appointment.

Luckily I was able to save my calluses from the file, despite the lady making a pretty ugly face at the bottom of my feet. I assured her they were ok and I needed them to be there. All in all, I can't say that I would continue to do this regularly, as it wasn't a particularly comfortable experience, but it got the job done and my feet feel better today:
Once it was over, I went to a church youth event. When one of the other leaders heard that I had just had my first pedicure, she shrieked and exclaimed, "Oh! Welcome to womanhood, honey!"


That is so funny, but I agree! I am truly conflicted about pedicures. I like the results, but hate people messing with my feet especially with all those rasps and files, and get freaked out about the microbiology possibilities!

WOW!!!! I can't believe you gave into that. haha i would NEVER be able to do that.. NO one touches my feet. i have a fear of feet. lol

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