Monday, January 24, 2011


This past weekend I signed up to bring a meal to another mom from church with a new baby. I thought chicken pot pie sounded like something family friendly and easily transportable, so mymom sent me her recipe, and I gathered all the necessary supplies.

The filling went perfectly, and I started on the pie crust. Most of you probably know that pie crust is something even the most experienced home cook can botch - no matter how many times they've succeeded at it before. I was making my first solo attempt at it (I've made it with my mom before, but not by myself).

Since I was on a schedule, the pie crust predictably failed miserably. In the midst of a pregnancy-magnified meltdown, I sped to the store for some pre-made crusts and managed to get dinner together and delivered about an hour later than I had planned. I was bitter for the rest of the night.

Tonight, Jon's small group was coming for their weekly Bible study. I make something for dinner every week, and I had just bought enough pot pie supplies to make more tonight. This time, I was determined not to let the pie crust win. I slightly altered my strategy and redoubled my efforts, and this time came out on top (and bottom - FOUR crusts later):



Almost 34 years and bajillions of crusts later, crusts can still get the best of me sometimes. My theory, though, is that the worse they look, the better they taste!! (flakey,etc.) Congratulations on the success! Keep up the good work. Love to you both...all!(3) Aunt Christa

Good job whipping those crusts into submission. :) When I make pot pie I just put the filling in a pan and put bisquits dough on top. So easy, though not quite so fancy. - Kristin Cantrill :)

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