Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Things I Love

I love... little Monkey!

...when we've done some cleaning and there is suddenly more available floor space in the house.

...when my crazy puppies settle down and are each sleeping in a chair next to me (and snoring!).

...when I finish a tedious work task that I've been dreading and/or avoiding. tea.

...that my husband will dry dishes while I wash them so I don't have to wait between loads to either dry them or let them dry.

...water! Seriously.

...getting personal text messages from good friends - not just facebook (though those are usually fun too).

...taking baths. In a perfect world, I will never live without a bathtub again.

...sunshine coming in the windows.

...empty laundry bins.

...cute shoes. Tupperware. just about anything - let's be honest.

...the pile of cute diapers in my bedroom.

...feeling Monkey's little dance parties while I work.

...hugging my husband.

...great worship music.

And many more! What little things are you in love with today?


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