Monday, January 17, 2011

Let the Nesting Begin...

So it's only in short bursts, but I've started seeing evidence of the nesting bug setting in. Last night I rearranged the legal bookshelf in our living room to clear off the top two shelves, completely unpacked all my china and displayed it on those shelves:

Jon just looked up at me when I was done and said, "Honey, you're nesting." Is it that obvious?

I know, you might be thinking that china has nothing to do with getting ready for a baby, but bear with me...

Our house is only 664 square feet. There is only one bedroom. There are no doors anywhere inside the house, except on the bathroom. Therefore, every single inch counts in this house.

With the china unpacked, I can get the boxes out of the house and into storage. This makes more room for my kitchen/dining table (which lives in our living room, naturally). That means that we can actually sit at the table. That also means that guests can actually sit at the table. It also means that I can use my china now (which I totally will - for any occasion - want to come over for dinner?). This means we'll actually be able to sit down for family meals with just us, or with visiting family.

So, now that I'm feeling more hospitable, I'm feeling more motivated to make the house more presentable to guests. Overall, the cleaner and more organized my house gets, the less stressed I feel. It also makes me more motivated to continue onto other areas of the house. So THEREFORE, because my china is unpacked, I am more likely to get to removing the pile of stuff in our bedroom that needs to become the "nursery," and more likely to get to it sooner!

Nobody ever said pregnant women were logical.


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