Thursday, December 16, 2010

24 Week Updates

We're about to hit 24 weeks pregnant in another day, so I thought it was a good time for some more updates.

We had our latest doctor's appointment almost three weeks ago, and everything is going beautifully! Monkey is very active and weighed exactly one pound at the ultrasound. All body parts are the right size and in the right place and growing perfectly. Jon was especially struck by the technician measuring the femurs - he realized there was actually a whole, complete baby in there. The most entertaining part of the whole ultrasound was that Monkey was wide awake and fighting with the technician! It took a long time to get all the right measurements because of all the twisting, turning, and kicking going on - he/she even had their hands fisted and forearms crossed over their face! We didn't get any profile pictures, the face pictures we did get aren't very good (they look like aliens), and we could only get one foot in the picture at a time. I see my friends' beautiful 3D pictures of their babies and I just laugh! Monkey has apparently inherited Jon's distaste for having pictures taken!

I have been feeling great, for the most part. I'm still tired, but that has just become a normal. I'm stuffy (I've had at least two people this week ask me over the phone if I have a cold), and I'm having crazy, vivid dreams. Otherwise, everything is going perfectly. I've been told that I look a lot bigger than I should, but baby is exactly the right size, and I've only gained about 8 pounds so far, so there's nothing wrong and there's definitely only one Monkey in there!

Our other big excitement this week is that Jon was finally able to feel Monkey kicking yesterday! It was a lot of fun to watch his eyes get wide when he finally caught a kick! Before we went to bed, I laid on my side for a few minutes to let Monkey settle to that side. Then I flipped onto my back and we watched my belly bounce up and down as Monkey shifted back to the middle. Jon commented, "That's not as gentle as I expected it to be. Those are, like, legitimate kicks!" I just laughed and replied that yes, there's a real, bony little person in there - those femurs are being put to work!

We're still working on names, and the baby things are starting to gather in our little house. Our third trimester starts January 1st (did we time that well, or what?) and I can't believe how quickly everything's going! We're loving getting to know our baby's personality, and can't wait to see him/her!

Thanks for checking in!


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