Saturday, November 06, 2010

Life Updates

I think there are still a few of you out there who keep up with this, so I'll just fill you in on a few details since the last post.

16 Week OB Visit
We went in for our 16 week appointment, and everything is going great! My thyroid is a little high (which explains why my hair has been falling out), but that's easily corrected. We didn't have an ultrasound, since we don't want to know the gender, but the heartbeat was loud and strong and everything's growing at the right pace. I'm sad that we don't have new pictures to share, but we have our "bonding ultrasound" at the end of this month, so we'll have lots of pictures from that one!

Since no doors seem to be opening immediately in China or Hong Kong, we're settling in here in Knoxville for a while. We have somewhere to live and a great church and support system, so we're going to stick it out until something else comes up. Jon has been working at our church getting their new website up and running ( - check it out!) and is working on starting up his own small IT support business. I've personally been sleeping a lot and doing some writing - also for the church. I have a couple other ministry (paid ministry) opportunities in the works, but I'll leave those details for when I know more of them.

Ohio Trip
This baby is going to be extremely well traveled before the little monkey even makes it into the world! So far he/she has been to Atlanta four times, New Jersey and New York City, and now southern Ohio. Last weekend I drove the five hours to my grandparents' house for a bridal shower for a cousin's fiancée. It was fun to see aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and my great-grandma, who is going strong at 101.5 years old! My other grandparents even drove down from Columbus to have dinner with me on my birthday. Then I came home to my husband, who brought home my yearly "birthday roses" - 21 red roses for all the birthdays before we starting dating, and one rose of another color for every birthday we've been together (five white ones this year). For such a serious, logical-sequential kinda guy, he's pretty stinkin' romantic!

House Robbery
The latest "big thing" that's been going on in our life is that someone broke into our house on Monday. The thief took all of my nice jewelry - all of it sentimental to me - our loose change from a tin in our bedroom, and one of Jon's old laptops (that almost doesn't even turn on any more) along with the power cord to his new laptop. What was more amazing was what they didn't take. Of the dozen or so computers in the house, they took one that didn't work - passing up my brand new one literally on the other side of the table. They also missed our musical instruments, and any kind of documents (my check book was sitting out). We just pray they don't come back.

So, those are the highlights on what we've been up to. We have another road trip coming up to Ohio and Missouri for a wedding and family reunion, and we appreciate your prayers for that. We're also contemplating a trip to Wisconsin/Minnesota for Christmas, time/weather/resources permitting. We hope it works out.

Thanks for checking in!


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