Monday, September 06, 2010

Celebrating Kris and Maye

Last weekend we had the joy of celebrating one of our very best friends and his beautiful new bride! It was a fun weekend in New York City for Jon and me, and a truly cross-cultural event. The bride's family is Chinese, so the day was a blend of east and west, Chinese and Christian traditions.

The traditional "games" where the groom and groomsmen have to bribe their way past the bridesmaids to retrieve the bride from her parents' home. In China, this is a very serious part of the process. On this side of the world, it has morphed into a game that includes silly stunts - like Kris climbing the stairs in a pair of very high heels!

The tea ceremony: The bride and groom honor each family's elders by serving them tea and then receiving their gifts.

Despite honoring the traditions of Maye's family, the couple are strong Believers and held a beautiful church wedding in the middle of the day.

The lavish ceremony at the biggest Chinese restaurant in town. We're pretty sure there were about 15 courses to the dinner. It also involved three costume changes for Maye! She started the night in her white western wedding dress, changed back to her traditional Chinese red to toast her guests, and then danced all night in a shorter, cooler white dress. She was gorgeous in all three!

Love this couple! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrario!


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