Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Adventures

For anyone who hasn't heard yet: Jon and I are expecting!

We're very excited (or, in Jon's words, "equal parts excited and terrified"). Here are a couple of questions everyone wants to know next:

When are you due?
Our best calculation at this point in April 9th. We haven't been to see an OBGYN yet (our first ultrasound will be on September 1), but April 9th is the end of a traditional count of 40 weeks.

When will you know if it's a boy or a girl?
We haven't decided on this yet. I don't want to know the gender before birth, but Jon hasn't decided where he lands on the issue yet. We have a little while to decide, though.

Were you trying?
No, kinda. It was not in our plans to have kids yet, but I also made the decision when we got married to not be on birth control. So, while we were actively trying not to have kids yet, we always knew it was a possibility and totally within God's ability to foil our plans!

Does this change your China plans?
Not yet. We are still actively looking for jobs in China. We'll continue looking exclusively in China for a few more weeks. At that point, we'll start looking at both international and domestic options - not ruling out China, but looking both places. China is definitely still our dream, we just don't know what it looks like yet.

Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations!


Many, many, many CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

God is so good! We are so happy for you both. Fabulous. john and mary lynn

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