Thursday, June 03, 2010

What a Homecoming...

Hey everyone! Now that I'm back and have much faster and more consistent internet connections, I'll try to "back-post" about some of the adventures we had in China, along with more pictures and videos, etc.

But first, a new prayer request:

I arrived home from China Monday night, and actually slept relatively well that night. However, I was still pretty blitzed the next day and laid down to take a nap on Tuesday afternoon. I turned my phone off so that I could sleep uninterrupted. Two hours later I woke up very abruptly to an insistent knock on my door. It was Chad - a friend from church.

"Sorry to wake you up. Jon's been in an accident - he's ok, but he needs you to go pick him up."

Chad didn't know any more details, except where to go pick Jon up. By the time I got there, the police, fire truck, ambulance, and tow trucks were already gone, and only Jon was left.

Apparently, he had been driving down a narrow section of the road. It was raining, and the cars in front of him started braking suddenly. When Jon braked, his tires started sliding. He tried to pull into the grass to stop, but couldn't see that the grass quickly gave way to a deep ditch with a creek bed in it. His car flipped over on the way down, and he landed upside-down in the water about 12 feet below the road. He was able to roll down and crawl out the passenger window and climb back up to the road. His only injury was a small cut on his knee, which the paramedics treated on site. He was a little sore later, but otherwise unhurt. As we went to bed that night, I realized I could just as easily have been spending the night in the hospital with him - I'm so thankful he's safe!

The car, however, was totaled. So, we're praying this week for a car! (And a phone too - that was a casualty of the impact.) Would you join us?


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