Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wuhan Day 3

Welcome to yet another beautiful day in Wuhan! The sunshine continues to be on our side.

We started our day with a little local sightseeing in the city. We took a bus from here to a major shopping district in town. We stopped at the Yangtze riverfront first. There's a lot of traffic on the river! We could see the business district across the river - lots of big buildings. We also stopped in at a Bank of China to exchange the rest of our money - got lots of stares in there. And we went into a McDonald's so our host could get some french fries before we hit the street food. I also took the opportunity to use the public restroom - a very clean squatty!

Then we walked to "Snack Street," which is a whole enclosed street full of food vendors. We tried dopi - fried rice, tofu, and egg - fried baby potatoes, sliced and cooked taro root coated in sesame seeds (it's green on the outside and purple on the inside!), fried twisty bread, and fried ice cream. I think Chinese street food and I are going to be very good friends!

We wrapped up our excursion with a trip to a Christian bookstore - yes, they have those in China! It was cool to see, and we had a chance to get gifts for a few people. Then we grabbed a cab back to the apartment complex. We had lunch with our hosts in the hotel next to the apartment complex, and then Theresa and I ran into the fruit market across the sidewalk. We got lychee fruit (a first for me), and a pineapple - which the storekeeper peeled for us right there.

After a short rest, we headed to the coffee shop. I've decided that sitting around a coffee shop talking to people all day is right up my alley! (Any of you who know me shouldn't really be surprised by this...) The students here are very interested in the differences between Chinese and American culture. I've been very surprised at how good everyone's English is. It's very easy to have conversations with them.

We wrapped up our day by having dinner with some local believers. They are really seeking how to move forward together, and asked us lots of questions about how we cast and follow vision where we come from. We had a chance to tell them about our beginnings, and how we got to where we are. They commented that they were very encouraged just to meet with believers from another part of the world - they felt like they weren't alone. We had a chance to pray for them before we parted ways, and I'm sure we left them with lots to think about!

So, another fun and busy day! Our requests today:
  • Pray for this group of believers. They really want True guidance, and they need some encouragement right now.
  • Continue to pray for our conversations in the coffee shop.
  • Pray for the schools we will visit and work with tomorrow - the international school, and the university where we will teach "Survival English" tomorrow night.
  • Continued protection for our bodies. We're loving the street food - pray it loves us! We're feeling more and more rested every day, and we want that to continue. Also, Theresa's feet are still swelling - pray healing there.
  • Praise that our prayer background has been a major testimony here - both to our friends and theirs! It's been very cool to both talk about/explain listening, and put it into action. We weren't necessarily expecting that, but it's been a great thing!
Thanks all! We couldn't do this without you!


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