Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wuhan Day 2

Sorry these posts have been short - not only are we busy all day, but the internet is slow and inconsistant.

Yesterday we settled into our apartment, got some noodles across the street, and then visited Moshan Park - a national park with mountains and water and lots of really cool statues. I'll post some pictures later. We had dinner with the team in the evening, and we turned in pretty early.

This morning we met the team bright and early to drive about two hours out of town to a leper village. There we handed out basins and bottles of lotion to each of the residents there and taught them how to soak and moisturize their hands. They all talked to me a lot... not that I could understand any of it. They were very sweet though. Our hosts told them that we came from the same place the group of guys did, and the remembered the exact date the group from our church came - two years ago! They sang us a song before we left - video also to come.

After we left the village, we had lunch with the director of the village and his boss - the head of the health department in that city. It was an interesting lesson in Chinese etiquette! The officials kept toasting us throughout the meal, which meant we had to stand up each time. They also insisted we try everything - to the point of physically getting up out of their seats to put thing on our plate. Some firsts today: crayfish, goose liver, and duck eggs. The crayfish were spicier than I would have chosen, but he kept getting up and putting them on my plate! My lips were tingling by the end.

We drove the two hours back and had a chance to rest for a bit before heading out again. I was so glad that my cousins from Changsha were able to take the high speed train up to visit. We met up with them and some friends of theirs in the city here, and we ate at a little hole in the wall (literally) down the road a bit. It was very good to see them and catch up. We hope to spend more time with them if we get a chance to move to China.

We wrapped up the evening in the coffee shop/English corner. It was fun to meet a lot of Chinese students and hear about their lives. I've also decided that being in China is going to be an ego-booster for me. People already stop and stare at my blonde hair and blue eyes when I walked down the street, but I think I heard "oh, you're so beautiful!" at least half a dozen times in the less than two hours we were in the coffee shop. (The lady next to me on the Beijing-Wuhan flight yesterday asked to have her picture taken with me!) It's rather amusing.

All in all, it was a good day, and the rest of the week promises to be a lot of fun.

Our requests:
  • Clear "hearing." We want to be sensitive to God's leading at all times, and it's always loud and busy here. I'm finding that it can be hard to concentrate or easy to be distracted. Pray we hear God clearly!
  • Continued protection over our bodies. So far we have dealt extremely well with the jetlag and time change. We're tired, but not to the point that it's interfering with anything. We also haven't had any stomach problems yet, despite encountering things that I fully expected to upset my tummy (like spicy crayfish). We know that these things are due only to your prayers, so thank you! Keep it up!
  • Will you also lift up our hosts? They have been dealing with a number of small things (not sleeping well, food allergies, having a cyst removed, etc.), and sometimes those smaller things can be more draining than the big ones! Keep them in your prayers, too.
  • Great influence! Even though we are just a short-term part of a long-term project here, we want to be a shining light in China. Pray that we shine!
  • Theresa's feet - they have been really swollen, and they are hurting her. Pray that swelling away!
  • Good weather. We hear that it has been rainy or cloudy for a very long time and the sun literally came out the day we got here! It's been absolutely beautiful (if a little muggy), and that is definitely making things easier for us - pray it stays that way!
I will try to post more pictures later - the internet connection is making it very difficult to upload anything. At very least I will put them up when we get back.

Thanks everyone! Goodnight!


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