Monday, May 17, 2010

China Update - 4 Days to Go!

I can't believe it's this close already!

First of all, thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have sent or will be sending in financial support for this trip!!! I asked for Kingdom-sized help, and you have been so faithful to respond! Y'all have really stepped in to claim a piece of my trip. THANK YOU!

In the last couple of days I've gone shopping for all my trip necessities, like travel kleenex packs for all those public restrooms and a plug adapter/power converter so I can continue blogging with a fully-charged computer during the trip. I'm making packing lists as I go, and I'm taking all week to make sure I have everything.

I also made hotel reservations in Beijing this morning. We'll be staying near the airport overnight when we arrive before our next flight leaves in the morning, and then we'll stay in the city for our final weekend there. We plan on doing lots of shopping and sight-seeing while we're there - any requests?

Prayer requests in the next couple of days:
  • We're still waiting for our passports and visas to arrive (nothing like last-minute, eh?). Pray those things through the mail quickly!
  • Packing - pray we don't forget anything important, and that our baggage goes through check-in smoothly.
  • Rest - It's a big week! We leave very early Friday morning, and there's lots to do before then! I've also had a big weekend leading up to this week, so I'm tired going in. Pray I can get good rest this week so I'm not already out of it going into jetlag!
  • Pray for comfort and NO PAIN this week and on the long plane ride (see this post for specifics)
  • Continue praying that I totally fall in love with China! I'm really excited going in, and I want to be even more excited coming out!
Thanks all! Can't wait to tell you about all our adventures!


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