Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Drink the Water...

Apparently, it's baby season among my friends - but don't panic; it doesn't seem to be contageous. It actually started coming on back in January with the birth of Joshua Alexander Jessen, the son of 2RC's high school pastor, Chris, and his wife, Katie. Jon and I went to see them in the hospital, and I was quite blown away when Jonny agreed to hold the baby - the first time we know of in his life that he's held a baby. I made sure Chris documented this momentus ocassion:

My "buddy" from 3rd grade - the person assigned to show me around the school when we moved to Minnesota - welcomed her daughter, Elliot Linley, recently too. Congratulations to Lurae and Tim!

Next came 2RC's middle school pastor, Jon. He and his wife, Katie (yeah, that gets confusing sometimes...), welcomed Norah Grace into the world last Tuesday - at 9 lbs 12 oz! I got to see her the next morning:

This morning I became a cousin-once-removed when my little cousin Ellen delivered Brady Ryan Binegar. If I didn't have a tap class to teach tonight, I might get in the car right now and go see him! Maybe soon... Update: I'm heading up this weekend to see Matt, Ellen, and Brady. And here's a picture:

Also looking forward to meeting my friend Lindsey's daughter in June:

And another boy for Drew and Rachel. Titus is looking forward to being a big brother to little Mikey:

Congratulations all around! Love you all dearly!


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