Thursday, April 02, 2009


I always have better intentions of writing than what I actually get around to. I feel bad, for those of you who use my blog to keep up with me, that I don't write more frequently.

However, I've decided that there's a relatively good reason for this: I write all week! By the time I have the time to sit down with my musings, I've already been pouring my heart and passions out onto the computer screen for hours every day. So am I making excuses?

Yes. :-)

But I thought I would use that excuse to give you another little glimpse into my everyday life. "What do I write all week?" you ask. I'll give you a picture:

Every Monday, I use either my notes or another speaker's notes from Sunday morning's lesson to write a small group lesson for the middle school groups. These have varied in length and complexity throughout the year, but I've been doing them almost unfailingly since starting here in August. If you want to see some examples, you can check out a couple of series here. Jonny tells me I should aspire to write curriculum.

Once the small group lessons are done, I switch into "newsletter" mode to write my leaders' weekly update. This usually includes a replay of previous events, a look forward to coming events, and other various information.

Once both of those are done, I turn my attention to my own small group. I've been writing my own small group curriculum all year called "Consecrated." Sorry, I don't have any examples of those online. To go along with the written lesson, I also make student pages to go in the girls' three-ring binders. I usually format memory verse cards and song lyric sheets, also for Wednesday nights (I know, I don't actually have to write those, but they still take time).

Throughout the week, I also send various other emails to parents, volunteers, other staff, leadership teams, and students. Whenever there's a special event (camp, party, etc.) I also make the fliers, postcards, or mailings for that.

By the end of the week about half the time, I'm also working on a "mini-sermon" for Sunday. That usually involves research, study, and lots and lots of writing - not to mention the slide presentations that goes with the sermon.
So, by the time I am alone long enough to sit down with my blog, I feel like I've already written down everything on my mind. Hopefully that is a little glimpse into my weekly life for anyone who cares, and a good-enough explanation of my lack of blogging even if you don't care.


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