Thursday, April 02, 2009

Trading Spaces - April Fool's Edition

Chris, our Student Ministries Pastor, never comes into the office on Wednesdays. He stays home and works on his lesson for Fuel on Wednesday nights. This week, however, Wednesday happened to land on April Fool's Day. When the pastor's away, the interns will play! :-)

Roommate had the brilliant idea to "swap offices" with Chris. We took everything visual (picture frames, knick-knacks, everything on his bulletin board) we could, along with as much of his office furniture as we could cram in and put it all up in our cubicle.

In turn, then, we took everything visual out of our cubicle and arranged it all in his office. As a final touch, we swapped the name plates on the doors of each.

When Chris ran into his office for something right before Fuel, we were sitting calmly at his desk, working away. There are very few times I have seen him speechless... but Wednesday was one of those times. :-)


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