Monday, January 26, 2009


When I started here at Two Rivers, we had to take the Gallup Organization's Strengths Finder test. Some of you may recall my strengths report, listed here.

One of my strengths is "Collector." This means that I collect things - whether physical items or ideas. Those of you who know me well enough know that I have plenty of both!

I was reflecting this past week on this collecting habit of mine when my roommate asked me, "Katie, do you have a grass skirt?" My reaction, of course, was, "Yep."

I collect costumes! If something has potential to make a great piece of a costume, I can't bring myself to throw it away. And while that means lots of storage, it also means that I almost always have something funny, unique, or just a bit quirky to wear to any event - or for someone else to wear! Even if I don't have something on hand, I can usually figure out how to make it work.

Here are just a few alter-egos I've donned since coming to Knoxville:

The wind-up doll is an old dance costume that I've kept around, and it had been worn almost every Halloween for the last five years. I wore this while I painted faces at the Fall Family Frenzy on October 31st. I was told by multiple witnesses that I should actually cut and dye my hair like this. I wasn't too sure about that idea.

For the high school Christmas Party, roommate went out and got a silly elf costume to wear. But after picking it out and bringing it home, she decided it was kind of a shame to only wear it once. So she got Pam and I in on it, and we went as coordinated elves to the young adults' annual "Whoville Hunt" and White Elephant gift exchange. The only thing I had to get new was the green ribbon around my waist. I also decided to break out the black wig again - just 'cus it's fun!

Note also that we won the Whoville Hunt by a landslide! :-)

This one I have to give Pamela all the credit for. The high school youth group has an annual event called "Spoonsfest," at which they play the card game spoons. This year was the 10th annual Spoonsfest, and the theme was "Spoons on the Island." Some of the staff (roommate included) were the cast of Gilligan's Island. Pam and I were going to help referee, and Pam suggested we go as the Easter Island heads. A couple boxes, styrofoam sheets, and lots of spraypaint later, we pulled it off. I was rather proud of this one.

And of course - last but not least - my personal favorite, and a long-running joke. I occassionally go to the office as one of my favorite people - Arthur Ellison. :-)


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