Monday, November 10, 2008

Beating the Lack-of-Winter Blues

As noted in my last post, my roommate and I have been noticing the lack of winter here in Knoxville.

While it's snowing in Minnesota, most of last week was the low 70's here. While it's nice to not have to bundle up, it's very surreal that the holidays are right around the corner, because it definitely doesn't feel like it.

So, we decided to invite the holidays in early. I am normally a day-after-Thanksgiving Christmas tree putter-upper, but we decided to beat the lack-of-winter blues by decorating early. We put up our tree, some lights and tinsel, and now our apartment is very festive. We even listen to Christmas music while we sit in the living room.

Afterward, we had some eggnog and just sat in the glow of our pretty living room. (My eggnog was in latte form... at 11PM... which is a whole different post altogether...)


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