Tuesday, October 28, 2008


One thing I love about my Jonny is that for all his serious, business-like refinement, he definitely has a "man's man" side. One thing he really loves is horses. Not gonna lie - it's pretty attractive!

When I moved, he instructed me that I needed to learn how to ride while I'm living in Tennessee. There are definitely more opportunities to do so here - you don't have to drive more than a couple blocks from church to see horses at the side of the road. Now, I've ridden before, but opportunities have been few and far between - so I have to pretty much relearn everything every time I ride. Conveniently enough, one of my best new friends (we're kindred spirits) is a horse trainer outside of town!

So, Pam took me riding this past Sunday! We got off to a rough start when Judy, the horse I was supposed to ride, decided she didn't like that idea so much. Before, we (I guess I should say "she" - Pam did all the work) even got saddles on them, I'd switched from Judy to Hank. He was a very sweet boy and very patient with me trying to figure things out.

We got walking down pretty well - no problems there. Then we tried trotting. And I nearly fell off. Not only was I (admittedly) unprepared, but we ended up tightening the girth on the saddle before continuing to try again. Apparently part of why I nearly fell off was because the saddle was slipping too. So I finally got trotting down - kind of. I definitely need practice. But I was getting better!

Pam asked me if my legs felt like jello when we were done, but I really felt fine. Today (two days later), though, I'm feeling it in my hips... I definitely need practice. Hank and I might have to hang out more often (don't tell Jonny!).

And then we got to see baby horses. Definitely fun! But they tried to eat my shoes. :-)


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