Sunday, October 05, 2008


Please be in urgent prayer for one of my students - Zach Weimer, a 7th grader - who was injured this weekend at our Fall Retreat.

Zach was coming down the zipline on the high ropes course when he struck a step tower that hadn't been rolled out of the way. The tower is used to get students down from the line. Zach hit it with the side of his body at full speed. He was air-lifted out of the camp and is now in intensive care in Chattanooga.

He has a broken ankle, arm, and back. His skull is severely fractured, one of his eardrums was crushed, and his brain is swelling and there is some damage in his frontal lobe. He is in an induced coma, and we will not know the full extent of his injuries for a few days yet.

The good news is that he is moving his fingers and toes - which means he is *not* paralyzed. His recovery is going to be a long haul, though. So please pray for Zach and the Weimer family, who are at the hospital with him.

Pray also for the students and leaders who were present at the accident (myself included). It was a scary scene, and these kids will need continual peace in the coming days. Please ask anyone else you know who will pray.

We are fighting for you, Zach!!!


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