Friday, October 24, 2008


Lots of people ask me how my puppy has been making the transition involved with moving. And the answer is, "He's been doing really well." He's always up for the next adventure, and he's happy any time he's with mom.

Shortly after we moved in, his Grandma (my mom) sent me a package because I'd left a sweatshirt at her house when I moved. Inside the box, she included some puppy toys she'd picked up at Goodwill for cheap. One of them was a stuffed, white fleece pig with a squeaker inside. It's just a little bigger than a tennis ball, which makes it perfect for throwing in fetch. It looked very similar to these:

It's one of Benni's favorites. And in the almost three months we've had it, Benni has played it almost to death. I say "almost," because it's still barely hanging on. It's no longer white, stuffed, or squeaky. It's missing its tail and its two front legs. In fact, it's what our new friend Lisa would call a "carcass." It's a pretty sad little thing:

But Benni still loves it and brings it to me to throw for him. So we keep it around. Hey, as long as he's happy!


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