Thursday, October 02, 2008

Meant to Live

Here it is! This is to Switchfoot's "Meant to Live," a dance/drama as performed at Two Rivers Church on Sunday, September 28th.

The basic plot:
The main actor in red is the central character. The two dancers are his "inner self." In the beginning, he is worshiping with his inner self, but soon realizes that he has to go about his day and covers up his inner self and sneaks away from the dancers. As he goes about his day, he interacts with other people (in all black) while trying to cover up or push away his inner self. The other actors can't see or interact with the dancers - they can only see the main character wrestling with himself. As the day goes on, the dancers become more and more desperate to get the main character's attention, but he is more desperate to push them away. Finally, with a scream, the main character realizes that he's completely lost his inner self and goes looking for it as the rest of the world fades out. When he returns to his inner self and embraces the dancers' attitude of worship, they are ready to welcome him back.


You can find the lyrics here if you want to follow along. (And for those of you wondering, I strained my hamstring right away in the beginning of the first chorus ["...have we lost ourselves..."] - but you can't tell in the video!)


Great job! I couldn't tell at all! The dancing was beautiful. :)

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