Monday, September 29, 2008

When you spend enough time with someone...

Quality time is a recognized love language, and for good reason. You can really show someone you care by choosing to spend time with them, and the more time you spend with someone the more you get to know them.

Sometimes, it's even as intimate as finishing each other's sentences. Since living in Knoxville, I have experienced a new, deep level of spending time with someone. This person seems to be near me every time I turn around, whether I'm eating, sleeping, working, watching movies, walking the dog... this person is never far from my thoughts.

Yes, I am talking about my roommate!

We share an apartment (though thankfully not a bathroom), and our cubicle, we shared a hotel room for a conference in downtown Knoxville, and we often share rides to events. Most of our weekly schedule is identical (except that when I'm with middle schoolers, she's with high schoolers and vice versa). Benni was even generous enough to share his toys with her, despite her initial hestitancy. And while we don't [usually] finish each other's sentences, we go infinitely deeper than that...

...our blogs have the same name. And no, that was not intentional - completely coincidence.

We like to tell people that we're secretly attached at the hip and you just can't tell. Oh, and we're usually up to no good. :-)


I'm watching you....

Not necessarily in a creepy way, but in an "you are always around, so it is just natural" kind of way. haha!

Quality time is my love language!

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