Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healing... or Not

Today was the big day of my dance performance in church service! It went really well, and I was so proud of all the people who helped out. They really did an awesome job bringing my vision for the song to life. It *was* videoed, for those of you wondering, and as soon as it's converted to a digital format, I'll have it up here for you to see.

A major thanks, also to JBird and all the middle school leaders who had the Mix under control while I was rehearsing and performing. It made my morning worlds less stressful!

A while ago, probably last November or so, I strained my right hamstring close to my inner thigh. Strained hamstrings are one of those things that take FOR-E-VER to heal! They also heal very taut and tense and have to be very intentionally and gradually stretched through in order to get it back to normal. Even when you think it's healed, you still have to be very careful to keep it from snapping back.

Which is where I found myself this morning. I strained it last November-ish, and it has been a loooooong healing process. For months is was painful to stretch at all. Recently, if I start slowly and take long, gradual stretches, it's been healing quite nicely. It is definitely stiff, and that's frustrating for someone who has long been naturally very flexible, but it held promise of getting better.

This morning, I stretched before I performed, and I took the penche arabesque easy in run-throughs to let my hamstring get used to it, especially because it's fast. During the first service performance I could tell that I was stiff, but everything was ok. I resolved to stretch more before the second service to avoid anything worse - which I did.

What I hadn't counted on, however, was the fact that that little bit of a pull during first service had caused that tense-healing muscle to cramp up even tighter. Even though I had stretched more, my hamstring was still compensating for itself.

As I hit that arabesque the second time through, I heard an audible popping noise and felt a sharp, biting, stinging pain. And I was only 1/3 of the way through the dance.

And I had to do the arabesque again before it was over!

Good performer that I've been taught be, nobody even noticed, and I gave my all to that second arabesque. I finished the dance with a smile and walked off stage like nothing was wrong. As soon as I got offstage, however, I was downing ibuprofen and hobbling *badly*.

So, now I'm hurting. And I'll have to start the healing process all over again. But, the dance went well. There were even several ReachNational people here for the weekend, and they made a point of thanking me for it after service. So, my hamstring is a small sacrifice for blessing people. Overall, I'd call it a success!


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