Friday, September 19, 2008

Get Down and Boogie

If you've known me for a while, it should come as no surprise that dance regularly intersects with my life. It makes me happy to dance, and I dance when I'm happy (or silly, or on stage, or excited, or in love, or sometimes sad or lonely... pretty much always).

Last weekend I was "preachin'" about worship, and what it really means to worship. I used the story of David bringing the ark of God into Jerusalem found in 2 Samuel 6. Most people know this as the story where David dances in the streets wearing (*ahem*) very little. That's why I was familiar with the story, but it actually wasn't the point of my lesson. Dancing was and is a great (and probably my favorite) form of worship.

But it was amazing how much more I unpacked as I dug into the story. David worshiped by blessing other people, he repented of his sins before coming into the presence of God, he approached God with awe, he gave offerings and sacrifices to God, he gave generously, and he blessed his own family, among others. My challenge to students was to think more deeply about how they worship and what it means to them to worship. Then, to take worship outside of Sunday morning and live it!

Last night, my roommate and I were invited to a Young Life fundraiser benefit for a local chapter by one of the elders of our church. They were sponsoring a table, had a couple open seats, and offered us a chance to dress up and have dinner for free - an offer we couldn't refuse! The location was very nice, the food was fabulous, and there were lots of people there that we knew, so we didn't feel completely left out.

As the program wrapped up, we found ourselves visiting. There was a large group of Two Rivers people there, and the conversation subgroups kept shifting a little bit. Finally at one point, we found ourselves standing alone between four other clusters of church people. We looked around us, laughed at being in the middle of everything without actually having anyone to talk to, and then spontaneously and simultaneously started dancing to the background music playing in the hall. We had our own little dance party there in the middle of the crowd. :-) My roommate later decided that she should start befriending engaged people so that she can go to wedding dances more often.

Finally, I have a firm date on my dance for church. I am going to be (along with others) dancing to Switchfoot's "Meant to Live" on sunday, September 28th. I spent most of my day today finishing up the choreography and rehearsing with the other dancer who will be accompanying me. Throughout the rest of the week, I'll be adding actors for the drama portion of it, and I'm really encouraged after a day of rehearsal about the way it's going to turn out. If anyone needs something to do next weekend, you should come to Knoxville!


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