Friday, September 19, 2008

The furthest I get...

One of the most intimidating parts of taking this job was the prospect of being 1000 miles from Jonny for five months. Fortunately, I have a God who heals and makes me whole - even when I'm alone.

I also have to take a minute to brag on Jonny. He has been fabulous at keeping in touch and making me feel immensely loved, even across those 1000 miles. I'm so thankful for my closet hopeless romantic!

As I was talking to him one day, he was telling me about all the escapades he and his roommates have been on lately. I (also) will refrain from detailed stories to protect the guilty, but there were some video games, old college friends, and a house with five single guys living in it... need I say too much more?

After listening to some of the stories, I just chuckled and answered "Ah, Jonny, what different lives we lead! The furthest I get from anything church, spiritually or theologically based is watching Smallville back episodes on DVD. And even that I do with my roommate - who likes to analyze the theological implications of it."

Funny, but very true! For anyone who wonders what the life of an intern entails, here's my weekly rundown:

Monday: office hours during the day, including intern training and weekly meeting with the youth pastor
Tuesday: office hours during the day, staff meeting once a month, and Permanent Address (college and career Bible study) in the evenings
Wednesday: office hours during the day, 242 groups (middle school small groups) in the evening - 7th grade girls are at my house!
Thursday: office hours during the day, including the middle school pastor search team meetings
Friday: this is usually the only day I ever truly take off... except today, when I worked on a dance for church service all day
Saturday: also one of my 'technical' days off, but I usually spend a good chunk of the afternoon or evening prepping for Sunday morning
Sunday: I'm at church by 8AM to set up for The Mix (our middle school large group program), which starts at 9:00 and goes til 10:15, then I clean the youth building and go over to "big church" for service. Sometimes I can go home then, and sometimes I have other meetings, luncheons, etc. Then Angie's 9th grade girls Ignite Group meets at our house Sunday nights

Also throw in there the dancing, reading books or planning discussions as part of intern training meetings, plus whatever other meetings and connection opportunities arise with people from the church throughout the week (ex: our banquet experience).

Finally, my personal devotion time is growing more and more dear to me, and I often will spend long periods of time in God's presence when I'm not at church or other related functions. It's such a sweet place to be.

Which makes my personal indulgance in Superman the furthest I get... and apparently there are even theological implications in Smallville. ;-)


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