Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling Domestic

**trumpet fanfare**

Tonight, we had our washer and dryer delivered! Ta-daaaaaaaa!
There are hookups in the apartment, but no appliances, so we've been taking our laundry out of house to get it done. Not that this is new - it's been a little over a year since I lived somewhere with in-house laundry, and five years for my roommate - but it's still extremely exciting! A very kind, generous youth leader donated her used set to us when she bought new ones this past week.

I felt very handy, indeed, after hooking up the dryer vent hose all by myself!
Turning the dryer on, however, posed another challenge. We searched all over, making sure the plugs were all in right, everything was turned on (including checking the breaker box!), and even read the instructions on the inside of the dryer door.

And then we found the "push to start dryer" button.Lo and behold - it works! So now we will have clean clothes. Maybe everyone will stop pinching their nose when they walk by our cubicle... its getting annoying! :-)


It is always the simple things that get me! Anything complicated and I do fine, but as soon as something is way obvious, I try to make it more complicated and therefore, am unable to figure it out!

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