Monday, August 11, 2008

Settling In

Phew... what a week!

Most of you left me at my last post when I had just arrived in Knoxville for the first time. I was here that weekend to go on the "Mystery Road Trip" with the middle school youth group (called The Mix) to Atlanta. We went to Six Flags over Georgia and an Atlanta Braves game - roller coasters and baseball are two of my favorite things! I definitely rode a lot of rides, met a lot of people, stayed up almost all night, and ran through The Varsity restaurant in a Super Man cape. It was a blast!

Saturday my hosts took me to Smoky Mountain National Park (and I fell asleep in the car on the way home). I also got to experience The Mix large group program on Sunday morning (where I dressed up in neon pink spandex for a skit!), and attend church service at Two Rivers. After lunch and a brief tour of Farragut (my new town), it was time to get back on an airplane.

Getting back was a little rough: after failed wing flaps endangering my landing into Memphis, my plane from Memphis to MSP was deemed "unflyable," and we switched planes. Two hours later, we were finally in the air and going through thunderstorms. I got home almost three hours later than anticipated.

The next week was spent packing and loading the Uhaul, and I pulled out of the Twin Cities on Thursday night. After maneuvering the truck back out of the woods around my parents house, my dad and I took off from Eau Claire about 9:00. With a few stops and some technical difficulties, we didn't reach Knoxville until 4:30 AM on Saturday. We managed about 3 hours of sleep, and then made our way to our apartment to unload the truck.

With some help, the truck was unloaded and we got the car trailor back to Uhaul. We had time for a quick lunch, and then dad was back at the airport for fly home.

So here I am alone in Knoxville - well, not alone. The puppy is here with me! (And he's very weirded out!) And I'm loving it! My new church has offered me a warm welcome, I'm working in a great environment, and I'm excited about taking responsibility and ownership of ministry in a whole new way. I'm already jumping into meetings, publications, and - of course - hanging out with kids!

Thanks to everyone who made it all happen in the last couple of weeks! I hope you all keep up with me, because I'm excited to share in everything that is going to happen this year!


I'm excited to hear what God does in your life this year! I wish I had been able to help as you were preparing to leave, I'll be praying for you!

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