Friday, July 18, 2008

Transition Details

Everyone wants to know when I'm leaving, so here's a breakdown of my transition timeline:

Sunday, July 20th - my last Sunday morning at Rockpoint Church

Wednesday, July 23rd - my last general day at Rockpoint (I couldn't miss Jr. High night!)

Thursday, July 24th - Wednesday, July 30th - pack, pack, pack! and see those of you who would like one last get-together

Thursday, July 31st - fly to Knoxville

Friday, August 1st - "Mystery Road Trip" with Two Rivers Middle School youth group

Saturday, August 2nd - Return from "Mystery Road Trip"

Sunday, August 3rd - attend Two Rivers Church service and fly back to Minnesota

Monday, August 4th - Thursday, August 7th - finish packing and visiting

Friday, August 8th - Sunday, August 10th - load the truck and make the final trek to Tennessee with stuff in tow!

A couple of needs I have in the mean time:

*I need boxes! Several of you have already helped the supply, so thank you! If anyone else has spare boxes lying around, I would gladly take them off your hands!

*I will also need people to help carry stuff from my apartment to a Uhaul truck at the end of that last week in Minnesota. I don't know an exact date or time yet, but if you're interested in doing some heavy lifting, let me know and I will keep you posted as I know more specifically when I'll have the truck.


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