Thursday, July 31, 2008

Introduction to Knoxville

Well, here I am! After a few shorter-than-expected flights and a layover in Detroit, I've landed in Tennessee.

I arrived in my new home for the first time today. I'm here for the weekend to accompany the middle school youth group on an all-day trip tomorrow, and then I'll be coming back to the Twin Cities to get my things and move.

Knoxville is gorgeous from the air (which is most of what I've see so far). There are lots of trees, rolling hills, rivers, and the foothills in the distance. I was met at the airport by some family friends, and they have been absolutely more than gracious in welcoming me into their beautiful home.

I've seen the freeway, the airport, my hosts' neighborhood, and the local CVS (I had to throw a few things away at the airport when I unexpectedly had to carry-on my suitcase, so we stopped for new ones). With my limited exposure, I'm impressed so far. I think I will like it here!

Pray for safety in travel with the students tomorrow, as well as continued healing for my back. I'm still pretty sore today, but not anything nearly as bad as yesterday, so thank you for your prayers past and future. If anything in my life, I've learned the healing power of prayers. :-)


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