Tuesday, April 08, 2008


While the idea of Christian worldview is on my mind and heart, I'll relate a few stories from outside of school:

I know I've talked here about being able to dance again, and it's been a blast. It's also kind of a relief that I actually *can* still dance - after 4 years off! It's also been interesting to be back in that kind of environment at this stage of my life. I stuck pretty strongly to my faith in high school while I was there, but I don't think I was mature or educated enough to fully understand it or be able to articulate why I acted or spoke the way I did.

Now, with a much clearer worldview and self-image, it's enlightening to return to a society that is notorious for not knowing God. I was in class one night, and we were doing a routine in a style that is fun, but is not necessarily my forte. I'm a ballerina at heart, and while I've learned to let loose in other styles, they are still not my strongest suits. I was having fun and giving it my all, but there was another studio alumna there that night who happens to excel at this particular style.

My background with this other person has been pretty rocky. I don't know why she hates me, but she has never been nice to me in all the years I've known her. She makes fun of me, talks about me behind my back, and laughs at me when I dance. And everyone knows it - even the teacher.

While this other person was dancing, I thought she was doing a great job, so I cheered for her. The teacher whipped around and gave me a funny look. I asked her what was wrong and she just said, "She has been mean to you every second of every day you have known each other. How can you possibly even pretend to be nice to her?" I just smiled and answered, "I try to love my enemies."

This clearly confused her. Finally she turned to me and replied, "My dad used to say 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer,' but I think I like yours better. It's more spiritual or religious or something. I like that. Good for you." And I was struck that not only had I just spoken Biblical truth directly to one of the most powerful dance instructors in the country, but I had been living my life in such a way in front of her that she could back it up with what she knew of my actions.

That's humbling! And very cool.

Several weeks later, I was tutoring a a girl I've been working with for over a year now. She and her family are dolls, and I love working with them. It's also great to not have the same restrictions on speech that I have at school. I openly talk about my church schedule, and have even brought the girl with me to a worship rehearsal when they needed an emergency babysitter.

Last week her mom asked me what the youth program at my church is like. She said that they enjoy the church they're currently attending, but that the daughter isn't really connecting with or enoying the Sunday school. She said, "We've been looking around at other churches, and I've been praying about what to do, but we just can't figure out where to go. But it suddenly occurred to me the other night that I should just ask you."

It's a little scary that God is using me... there are eternal implications to that. But it's also very cool to feel that "salty" feeling (as I like to call it) - I'm flavoring the world around me with my life!


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