Friday, January 25, 2008

When it Rains...

As I'm pretty sure most of you know, being a relatively young teacher is a lot of fun, but doesn't pay particularly fabulously. With that in mind, paying bills each month can be a time of extreme creativity as I shuffle finances around.

So, the last thing I need at any time is a sudden, expensive catastrophe. Unfortunately, that's exactly what I got: the transmission in my Jeep died... in Eau Claire. My dad spent most of that day yelling at me about it and being generally agitated. He finally announced that I had exactly one week while he was in California (and I could use one of my parents' cars) to either find the money to pay for the transmission or get a new car.


That pretty much translates to: Kdbug's screwed. I love my new job, but it's not going to do me much good if I can't get there to begin with. I have no extra money, and with as many student loans as I have, there's no way I would qualify for a car loan right now. I didn't even know where to start looking.

Tuesday afternoon when I got out of work, there was a voicemail on my phone from my dad, saying only, "Call me when you get out of work." I wasn't looking forward to whatever my dad wanted to ask me next. That's why his next comment surprised me: "I'm in a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant."

And I get it on Sunday. I have to make the payments on it and pay the insurance, but I was just so thankful that my dad took care of all the logistics for me. I didn't have to figure out how to start from scratch.

So, bills will not get any easier with a car payment added to the mix, but at least I can get to work in the meantime.


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