Thursday, January 24, 2008

Watching Miracles

As mentioned in my last couple of posts, I spent most of my December at the hospital with Jon and his family while his dad was in the hospital. TJ wasn't expected to live through a combination of pneumonia, anitbiotic-resistent staph infection, congestive heart failure, plural edema, cardiac arhythmia, a torn mitral heart valve, and several other ailments.

This Sunday I was on stage at church as part of the worship team. I love to sing, I love to lead other people in worship, and I love spending time publicly loving the Lord. It's an awesome privilege.

This Sunday was even more awesome than normal, because I watched TJ walk onto the stage, and stood next to him as he thanked the congregation for praying him away from death. The tears flowed openly in the whole sanctuary, including my own. For all the days and nights that we didn't know if TJ would ever wake up, here he was standing next to me - walking, talking, and *alive*.

The next song we sang was "Mighty to Save". The lyrics include the phrases "Saviour, He can move the mountains. My God is mighty to save" and "Jesus conquered the grave." I watched TJ and Mary Ann in the front row of seats alternately pray, sing, and weep for joy.

And I couldn't sing. I mouthed the words, and I meant them with all my heart. But I was choking on my own tears of joy as I watched the living modern miracle in front of me thank his Creator for the very life and breath in his lungs that morning.


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