Sunday, December 09, 2007

Urgent Prayer

If you're not already following the blog on my boyfriend's dad, that is pretty much what is consuming my life right now. I love this family with everything I have in me, and they are really my second family in every sense. We are asking everyone we know, and even those we don't know to pray for TJ today. This post is copied straight from Jon's blog:

Prayer Time
There will be a concentrated prayer time for TJ tomorrow, Sunday December 9th, between noon and 6pm. We ask that people pray (1) that the enemy would have no sway over TJ and (2) that the doctors would find the underlying cause of the pneumonia.

We still can't take visitors, especially after today's events. I -- we -- promise you that far more good will be done by attacking the illness at the ultimate root, the spiritual basis, through prayer. "Where two or three people gather in my name, I will be there with them," we believe that.

Please join us in prayer!


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