Saturday, December 15, 2007

In the Midst of Crisis

Jon's dad TJ is still very sick, and (in the words of his brother) his healing is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. It has been a long and trying week for everyone involved (see the blog for up-to-the-minute details) - especially his wife and sons. The first and most important issue on my mind at all times is their family and prayers for TJ's miraculous healing.

Which is why the events happening in my own life seem so surreal... not to mention a million light years away from the present reality.

I received a call on Tuesday afternoon from an elementary school about 20 miles north of the Twin Cities, wondering if I would be interested in talking to them about a part-time Title 1 position for the rest of the school year. I interviewed Wednesday afternoon. Thursday I was offered the position, and I start on Tuesday (they really wanted me to start Friday, but after TJ went into septic shock Thursday morning, I said I needed at least a couple days to see how things progressed).

So I'm excited, and the entirety of Jon's family is thrilled for me, but I'm having a hard time understanding that it's real. My mind and heart are working much harder at other endeavors.


You know I like to think that when our lives are troubled by events, God still likes to give us small blessings, just so we keep our heads above water. I know you've been looking for a job like this for some time, so I'm super excited for you! It's definitely okay to enjoy the moment even though things are a little rough in a different area.

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